Professional and Community Service

Selected List


Advisor (occasionally) to the Knesset (Parliament) committees. Among them:
  • The Economic Committee – on housing provision in general and public housing in particular
  • The Interior Committee – on planning for the Arab sector; on the future of the Kibbutzim
  • The Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee – on housing foreclosures
  • The Science and Technology Committee – on allocation of research budgets for the social sciences
  • The Committee of Immigrant Absprption – on housing solutions for immigrants
  • The Committee of Education – on women in higher education
  • The Committee of the Status of Women – on preventing sexsual harrassmsent in institutions of higher education
2010 – now Technion Commisioner, Prevention of Sexual Harrassment and Handling Complaints
2018 – now Research Associate, National Knowledge Center for Disaster and Emergency Management
2014 – now Member of the Israeli steering committee of ESS – European Social Survey
2008 – now Member of The Public Adisory Council of Statistics, Israel Central Bureau of Statistics
2007 – 13 Member of the Committee on Human and Social Sciences (MOST) of Israel National Committee for UNESCO
2010 – 13 Member (Public Representative) of the apponited-by-Israel’s-governemert committee THE ROTKOPF COMMITTEE on “Selecting appropriate policy for Israel’s agricuulture lands” (about one third of the total area of the State of Israel is defined as agricualture lands)
2010 – 12 Member of the team of experts advising the Long-Term Master Plan for the Water Sector in Israel, focusing on Stormwater Management Policy
2009 – 10 Member of the Research Evaluation Committee of Israel Science Foundation
2007 – 09 Member of the steering committee of Tel Aviv-Yaffo municipal project of updating the housing stock in the city (following the internationally-published Phoenix Strategy that I developed in the late 1990s)
2007 – 08 Member of civic-professional consulting committee for the future of Haifa, Headed by Architect and vice-mayor Shmuel Gelbhart
 2004 – 07 Member of the Technion Committee for Research Awards and Technion Cmmittee for Post-Doctorat fellowships
2002 – 05 Member of the public-professional committee for supervising the renewal of Hadar HaCarmel, Haifa’s former CBD (Central Business District)
2002 – 04 Member of the apponited-by-Israel’s-governemert public-professional committee “On the future of the Kibbutzim and their legal status”’. This committee created the term “Kibbutz Mithadesh” and enabled a gradual process of differential salaries and semi-privatization of residentail apartments, simultaneously with continuing commitment to “mutual responsibility” and “joint safety net”
1999 – 2003 Director (public representative), Board of Directors of Haifa Economic Corporation Ltd.
2000 – 01 Member of the advisory committee on Water Issues, Life and Environment – Non-Governmental Umbrella Organization (60 affiliated organizations) promoting the quality of life and environment in Israel
1997 Member of the evaluation committee of the annual competition of plans, administered by the Israeli Association of Architects and Town Planners and the Israeli Association for Environmental Planning
1997 Advisor to the public committee (Ronen committee) on Reforming the Public Land Policy of Israel, reporting to the Minister of National Infrastructure
1996 – 97 Member of the public planning committee of the city of Haifa
1995 – 96 Advisor to the Municipality of Nathereth on issues of social development and housing
1994 – 96 Head and member of The Planning Committee of The Council for Beautiful Israel
1994 – 95 Member of the public steering committee for guiding a new master plan for Haifa
1992 – 95 Member of the secretariat of the Israeli Association for Human Rights
1993 Member of the advisory committee on community issues to the Mayor of Haifa
1992 Organizer of Bama LeOlim – a forum of lectures and discussions for new immigrants in Haifa
1991 Advisor to the Los Angeles chapter of the Mega Cities project for transfer of urban innovation among the big cities of the world
1990 Member of the advisory committee on rezoning the city of Haifa for tax purposes
1988 – 90 Regional editor of Notes, International Working Group on Housing and the Built Environment of the International Sociological Association
1987 – 90 Member of the organizing committee of the section on Social Policy of Israel Sociological Society
1988 – 89 Program head of a series of public symposiums under the auspices of The Center for Urban and Regional Studies at the Technion and the Israeli Association for Environmental Planning; among them: “Pollution in Haifa’s Sea Shore: Can We Prevent It?” (March 88); “Transportation in Haifa Metropolitan Area” (December 88); “Hadar HaCarmel: Alternatives for Revitalizing  Haifa’s CBD” (December 89)
1987 – 90 Chairperson of The Planning Committee of The Council for Beautiful Israel
1987 – 88 Member of the Mayor of Haifa Committee for Non-Jewish Population in Haifa
1987 – 88 Advisor to the Golda Meir Mt. Carmel Training Center for Developing Countries
1986 Organizer and Program Head of an international symposium on Neighborhood Policy – The State of the Art, M.I.T, Cambridge, Mass., U.S.A.  Sponsored by the Technion S. Neaman Institute and MIT Laboratory of Architecture and Planning
1985 Lectures in the U.S.A. for the Union of Students for Israe
1983 – 85 Member of the President of Israel Committee for the Welfare of Children
1982 – 83 Member of the Mayor of Haifa Committee for the Advancement of Women
1980 – 82 Chair of the section on Evaluation of Social Programs of Israel Sociological Society
1978 – 88 Advisor to the Government of Israel, Inter-Ministerial Committee for Project Renewal – Israel’s national program for social and physical rehabilitation of distressed neighborhoods


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