Research fields: Overview

Naomi Carmon’s research deals mainly with socio-urban issues. Naomi had the privilege of being a pioneer in introducing social considerations, particularly social-justice-related considerations, into Israeli urban and regional planning. Throughout her career, she felt committed to enriching the international community of knowledge by critically analyze planning processes and outcomes, as well as to developing and promoting research-based practice.
Naomi and her students use a variety of research methodologies. Most of the studies include collection of primary data in the Israeli field. Quantitative analysis has been frequently used; in recent years, the studies have also integrated qualitative methodologies, at times, side by side with the quantitative analyses. A large share of the studies may be classified as evaluation research, mainly ex-post evaluations, and some are post-occupancy evaluations.
Naomi Carmon’s academic endeavors fall under the general title of: Social Aspects of Urban Planning. The topics of her research and teaching – in the classroom, while advising graduate students and when conducting research – can be divided into six main areas that will be reviewed below. In each area, several of her above 200 publications will be cited (E next to a year in the citation stands for an English publication, while H signifies a publication in Hebrew).

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