Immigration and Integration in Post-Industrial Societies: Theoretical Analysis and Policy Implications


Carmon, N. (editor)  1996


Everybody who is interested in the “hot” subject of immigration and integration should read this book. It includes life-long wisdom of distinguished scholars, who were asked by the editor to present their understanding of current changes in immigration flows, impact on the receiving countries and alternative policy responses. Restructuring of the economy, diversification of lifestyles, and growing disparities between the haves and the have-nots characterize the post-industrial societies, influence the stream of immigrants to them and the resulting processes of integration or disintegration of the immigrants.

The authors are sociologists, economists, political scientists and urban planners. They use historical analysis and recent empirical evidence from the USA, Australia, Britain, France and Israel to learn the lessons of past experience and analyze present situations, in which new types of immigrants, in changing circumstances, are creating new patterns of settlement and integration. They discuss the role of governments in processes of immigration and integration, and offer a variety of tested policy suggestions as well as new ideas to be explored.